General Details

Asset Management Lockers

Your store associates and your warehouse operatives will use a variety of mission-critical items for their work shifts, such as PPE gear, handheld devices, tablets, comms headsets. All of these items are costly, frequently get misplaced, and make it an unproductive shift if something is not available. This costs you time and money, but with an Apex asset management locker, items can quickly and easily be checked-in and out to users at the start and end of their shift, or task. With a central cloud based software console attached, you can review everything in retail time or as a report as and when you require. Typically our asset management locker pay for themselves within months, as items are centrally located and perfectly managed.

Main Characteristics

  • Secure Access Control – access based on job roles, departments, work orders and more
  • Versatile Compartments – Manage, track and control DC or POS scanners, two-way radios, tablets
    and other mission-critical devices
  • Compact Footprint – Shallow-depth design provides high-density storage with maximum clearance
  • Supports a Wide Range of User ID – Choose from barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity cards or keypad entry
  • Keep Assets Charged – Compartments can be wired to recharge devices so they’re always ready to work



  • Ensures that mission critical devices are organised and ready for use any time of day ensuring productivity and performance is maximised
  • Secure check-in/check-out of high costing items such as scanners, tablets and radios ensuring full traceability of such devices.
  • Notification alerts can be set if items are overdue.
  • Full accountability and responsible uses of high costing devices is ensured to reduce damaged or lost items.
  • Managing service, inspections and repairs is possible on devices as automated notifications can be set up to ensure scheduled maintenance is  met.

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