Intelligent cameras and analytics

Intelligent stores are fast becoming a major trend in the physical retail landscape. Creating a smart, fully connected store gives retailers the full competitive edge over and above the competition. Being able to recognise the customer is only one part of the story, but understanding their activities and traits are in store can be a useful tool to drive customer retention.

We have experience in the installation and scoping of advanced vision solutions, for demographic profiling, measuring store usage and product engagement at the shelf edge, through to predictive analytics for store staff resource scheduling, and even frictionless/automated store solutions.

  • AI rich solutions to manage stock
  • Compliance optimisation (price, promotions, planograms)
  • Staff scheduling and store layout optimisation
  • Store benchmarking and performance analytics
  • Promotional performance analytics

We partner with companies such as Tiliter and Trax, so as to offer clever AI solutions based on smart camera hardware and software analytics platforms.

With Tiliter, their unique software is able to recognise products without barcodes which helps grocers eliminate packaging. This translates to massive reductions in single-use plastics and unnecessary waste. By using computer vision and artificial intelligence, the software is able to recognise products in under one second during checkout. The clever solution also prevents mis-scans, or products being put through checkout incorrectly, which helps with correct store stock ordering/forecasting/Loss and the elimination of waste.

Trax provides the ability to gather images from shelf edge and dome cameras, and using clever AI technology can measure buyer behaviour, interaction with products and brands, and also mange out of stocks, which cost UK retailers millions of pounds in lost sales opportunities.

Camera Solutions

Tiliter Product Recognition

Tiliter Scan & Go

Tiliter Scan & Go
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Trax Retail Analytics

Trax Shelf Edge Cameras

Trax Shelf Edge Cameras
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