Three technology companies have announced their collaborative working, with the aim of enhancing the operational processes and efficiencies of Oil & Gas Services companies in the UK.

Cambridge based productivity solutions provider, Herbert Group, Texas based enterprise mobility software company, @hand and Teeside based intrinsically safe mobile device manufacturer, ecom, are partnering to deliver unique mobility solutions that integrate mobile and field-based processes into the information technology ecosystem, unleashing a new value layer for the enterprise.

The three organisations specialise in mobile device and software fulfilment, so as to aid productivity in enterprise environments, and with their extensive knowledge and deployment within the global oil & gas sector, have developed solutions that undoubtedly enhance oil & gas enterprise level efficiencies.

Established in 1988, with customers ranging from NASA to Baker Hughes, @hand solutions are configured to manage widely-distributed assets and employees that incorporate a high degree of variability in work processes. @hand recognises the importance of retaining processes that are effective in a local environment, and their solutions leverage autonomy where appropriate, and yet provide standards to data collection and aggregation.

Energy service operations that can benefit from @hand solutions include: well completions, cementing, stimulation/fracturing, drilling, coil tubing and many others, where the software aims to assist in such items as service and sales order updates, electronic field tickets, job logs, resource utilisation, materials tracking, safety and quality documentation, assignment, dispatch and approval.

With regards to Herbert, they offer more than 250 years of successfully specifying, managing and deploying productivity solutions in a variety of vertical markets, and with a national workforce of own-staff engineers, can guarantee maximum uptime and productivity for their customer base. As @hand’s chosen partner for the UK market, Herbert are working to aid oil & gas services companies in their goal of enhancing efficiency and allocation of resources.

Founded in 1986, ecom specialise in enterprise mobility for hazardous areas within the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, mining, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Setting standards in this field for over 25 years, ecom have acquired extensive expertise in explosion protection for everyday industrial environments worldwide. Working with @hand and Herbert, their class-leading solutions offer forward-thinking mobile computing hardware and a comprehensive support platform, to ensure the best user experience, and allow for the widest range of applications, while maintaining proven reliability.

Glen Hall, Director at Herbert, commented: “Our mission is to deliver successful solutions that leverage @hand’s unique mix of technology, innovation, and expertise, so as to add real benefit to oil and gas operations in the UK. This ethos, culture and level of expertise is shared with both @hand and ecom, and together we provide the ideal collaborative partnership to align with UK market demands – @hand software layered on ecom technology, scoped, delivered and supported by the Herbert team.”