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Smart Cigarette Vending

Have you seen the price of cigarettes these days? Staff are vulnerable from robbery of these items, and unfortunately, even internal theft is an issue with cigarettes and tobacco; this is solved with one of our Navarra Smart cigarette gantries, as the products are locked away and quickly and easily vended at the point of sale. We have units to suit all types of store from the largest supermarkets to the smallest corner shop. More than 2,500 of these have been supplied to Convenience, Petrol Forecourt and Supermarkets, and they are all enjoying better safety and more profitability from this category.

Main Characteristics

The Navarra Smart Gantry Systems come in three standard sizes. They are matched to your store’s tobacco sales volume and range and don’t need to take up more backline space than required. The system takes up less space than your current gantry and can have either slat board door fronts, media screens, or a combination of both.

The space can be utilised to create additional backline space for high margin products or for dynamic in store POS which will bring more revenue into your business



  • Enables the retailer to handle plain packaged cigarettes with speed and ease.
  • Tobacco is locked away in a steel box and selection is via a touchscreen keypad or your EPOS till point. Instant selection means quick transactions and your tobacco is hidden from view and safe from theft. Full accountability coupled with speed and ease of service is key.
  • The space you save with this unit means your usual gantry space can be used for high profit products which can be merchandised on the front panels..
  • This unit can handle all boxed tobacco and pouch RYO tobacco.

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