General Details

Sato NX series

The NX Series is a game-changing innovation that is made easy. It is designed to be so easy to use and maintain that anyone can feel the difference from the day they start using it. The new NX Series comes loaded as standard with many different features to make operation and maintenance easy.

Main Characteristics

  • User-Friendly operation
  • Multi-National Language Support
  • Multi emulation Support
  • Standard multiple On-board Interfaces
  • Support for a variety of media types
  • Easy Set-up and Maintenance
  • High Speed Processing and Throughput
  • Space Saving Design
  • Superior Print Accuracy and Quality
  • Durable Design


Print method:

  • Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer

Print resolution:

  • CL4NX 203, 305 or 609 dpi
  • CL6NX 203 or 305 dpi

Print width:

  • CL4NX 104 mm – 4.1″
  • CL6NX 167.5 mm – 6.5″

Print speed:

  • CL4NX 250 mm/s – 10 inch per second
  • CL4NX 200 mm/s – 8 inch per second
  • CL4NX 152 mm/s – 6 inch per second
  • CL6NX 250 mm/s – 10 inch per second
  • CL6NX 200 mm/s – 8 inch per second


  • Auto detect: ZPL – IPL – TPL – DPL


  • RS232, IEEE1284, USB, LAN, Bluetooth, EXT IO


User-Friendly Operation

Blue LED Indicator – Blue confirms normal operation and Red indicates an operation alert. Clearly visible from a distance.

3.5” Full Colour LCD – The clear and crisp image provides high quality operating and real-time messages. Videos displayed on the large screen guide the operator through label loading and other functions.

New Menu – The new menu design utilises an icon system as used in many popular consumer devices making navigation through printer settings, applications and system information easier than ever.

Intuitive Key Design – Universal icons for easy to understand key operation.

Durable Design

Tough metal housing – Protecting against damage in the field, the NX Series is ready for the toughest of environments.

Aluminium Die-Cast chassis – Key parts such as the chassis, front cover, ribbon spindles and print unit are of aluminium die-cast construction to withstand the most challenging environments.

Ribbon Rewinder – Oversized core provides stable rotating torque and reduce a chance of wrinkles while in use of up to 600M long roll.

Wear parts life time – The printhead and platen roller have been designed for double life time operation prolonging intervals between maintenance and reducing operating costs.

Tool-less Replacement Parts – Provides quick replacement of both the print head and platen roller with no tools required, which helps provide easy maintenance and reduce unwanted downtime.

Easy Set-up and Maintenance

Extra Wide printhead opening – The best-in-class head opening angle of 60° allows easy access for media loading, cleaning, and faster maintenance resulting in reduced downtime.

Easy Set-up – Simple label setting with the synchronised label guide. The NX Series uses a label damper system which reduces set time and provides consistent tension to avoid label jams and improve print quality.

Set-up and maintenance videos – Videos displayed on the 3.5″ full colour LCD will guide the operator through a variety of situations from media loading to cleaning the printhead.

High Speed Processing and Throughput

High Speed Response – The dual CPU architecture offers ground-breaking processing speed resulting in the fastest first label out regardless of data format or print resolution.

Industry-leading throughput – 128 MB user area allows plenty of space for format registration, storage of large graphics, custom True Type Fonts and other downloads.

High Print Speed – At the maximum print speed of 10 ips at 203 dpi, the NX Series still ensures the best print quality.

Multi-National Language support

30 Display Languages – Easily selectable, allowing printer operation in local languages.

Easy adjustment – Switch language instantaneously with the touch of a button.

Large memory – Employing an extensive memory, the 30 display languages are installed as standard along with four printer language emulations which can be selected without reboot.

Printable Languages – Native support for printing the major languages of the world. Print all 30 display languages plus Traditional Chinese, Afrikaans, Albanian, Serbian and others.

Character sets and encoding – The NX Series supports DOS and Windows codepages, WGL4 (Windows Glyphs), Big 5 (Chinese), JIS, UTF 8 and UTF 16.

Fonts – Rich selection of embedded bitmap and True Type Fonts as standard and the ability to download additional True Type Fonts.

Easy implementation

Easy export – Ideal for export industries and installation in other regions.

Superior Print Accuracy and Quality

Print Accuracy – +/- 1mm Print registration: Accurately controlled print positioning for small label applications.

Label Tension Damper System – To allow stable label feeding to the printhead, even at maximum print speed.

Printhead high-energy mode – To ensure the best print quality over a wide range of media materials.

Emulation Support

Standard Emulations Onboard – Four on-board Emulations are provided as standard: SZPL, STCL, SDPL and SIPL, making the NX Series ideal for the direct replacement of existing printers.

Just connect and print – The NX Series recognises the print data language, switching automatically to print the label instantaneously.

USB Download – The emulation version can be upgraded easily through the front USB port.

Multiple on-board Interfaces as standard

Standard Interfaces:   Fitted as standard are LAN, USB (type A & B), IEEE1284, RS232C, Bluetooth and EXT

Optional Interface:     WLAN(802.11 a/b/g/n) 2.45GHz, 5.0GHz Support, Wi-fi Certified and CCX4 compliant.

USB Memory – A USB memory stick becomes a convenient tool for downloading additional True Type Fonts, latest firmware, emulation upgrades and copying printer settings.

Bluetooth – Standard Bluetooth allows easy wireless connection to your smart devices.

Connectivity – Several connectivity options are available including a Windows certified printer driver, SAP ABAP driver, CUPS drivers for Linux and iOS and the SATO AEP platform (Application Enabled Printing) for printing from Android devices.

Space Saving Design

Bi-Folding Side Cover – The design reduces the overall area required for operation allowing the NX Series to fit into restricted spaces and to be placed next to, or under, objects while maintaining operational integrity.

Interfaces – The interfaces are designed such that cables do not protrude from the rear of the printer, reducing the risk of unintentional disconnection or damage.

Supports a Variety of Media Types

Media – The NX Series is tested to strict quality standards to support a wide range of consumables and ensure optimal print performance.

Label Roll – Up to 220 mm outer roll diameter to reduce downtime. Labels may be wound inside or outside, no setting change required.

Carbon Ribbons – Supports inside and outside wound ribbons up to 600 metres in length to minimise changeover time, no setting change required.

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