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Solum Newton Electronic Price Tags

Electronic Price Tags offers state-of-the-art technology with an astounding array of new features, revolutionising ESL for the better. Our Newton label by Solum has become a platform to complete transform your operations, merging your in store operations with your stock control and e-commerce channels.

Newton allows you to have a fully-automated operation for pricing and product information labelling, at the same time making shopping more convenient and interactive for customers.

The Newton electronic price tags are much more than just a replacement for paper labels, they help businesses to have a fully-automated operation for pricing and product information labelling. Performance-wise, Newton tags outcompete other conventional ESL tags by up to 10x the speed!

Another one of their outstanding features lies in their enhanced longevity. This means that Newton electronic price tags outlast older models by up to 5 years in battery life, making for an expected lifespan of 10 years in total! But they are also more durable, since their screen is now 80 % stronger compared to those of their predecessors. Add to that the IP67 certification for water and dust, and you have a device that takes sustainability to a new level!

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Main Characteristics

  • Clean and futuristic design
  • Centrally controlled and managed for ease of monitoring
  • Real time updates are possible at the push to a button
  • Easy to install to shelf edge
  • Long battery life – up to 10 years!
  • Water and dust proof in accordance of IP67
  • Customisable push button – for all manner of task (customer and store operations)
  • Flashing LED light – multicolour for highlighting and identifying
  • Displays multiple pages – hold up to 7 pages of different product information
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) – quick access to website or information pages from smart phone devices


Electronic Shelf Labels come in different shapes and sizes. With multiple specifications, we need to get a better understanding of your needs. Please get in contact with us on 01440 711400 and request you speak to someone from sales with regards to electronic shelf labels or click the “Request a Quote” button on this page and reference “Newton Labels”, we will respond on an ASAP basis.



  • Centrally controlled and managed for ease of monitoring.
  • Battery Lifetime is high in room temperature conditions.
  • Allows multiple pages with varying information to be displayed at the touch of a button leaving a clearer display.
  • SoluM Price scheduler allows user to adapt pricing and reduce waste of products with the fastest real-time system.
  • Labels are easy to install on shelf edge.
  • NFC gives your consumer instant connectivity to web-pages of your choice, could be more information on products and promotional offers.

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