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Dibal D-900 Self Service Scale

The Dibal D-900 Series self-service scales are the only electronic scales (no PC) on the market with touch screen. These retail scales offer excellent features and are easy to use and intuitive, helping in the management of your business; furthermore, they can be connected to other scales, or to a PC for sending and receiving data and updates.

Main Features

  • Full colour screen – 12″ Intuitive Touch Screen design
  • Stores up to 10,000 PLU’s
  • USB port
  • Waste reducing Linerless label capabilities
  • WiFi capabilities
  • Ethernet TCP/IP



  • Multi-range (3,000 divisions): 6 kg / 2 g – 15 kg / 5 g.
  • Optional:
    • Mono-range (3,000 divisions): 15 kg / 5 g or 30 kg / 10 g.
    • Multi-range (3,000 divisions): 15 kg / 5 g – 30 kg / 10 g.
    • Mono-range (6,000 divisions): 12 kg / 2 g or 30 kg / 5 g.


  • Flat self-service.
  • Double body self-service.


  • Highly resistant ABS plastic casing.
  • Stainless steel plate.
  • Access to all non-metrological components without the need to unseal the scale.


  • Configurable 12.1” or 15″ TFT touch screen in double body self-service formats (W250 x H188 mm or W304,13 x H228,1 mm); and 10.4” in flat self-service format (W215 x H161 mm).


  • 1 printer for labels.
  • 54 mm thermal printer.
  • Resolution: 8 dots/mm; speed: 100 mm/sec.
  • Cassette for immediate paper roll change.
  • Optional:
    • Linerless.


  • 15 fonts (6 monospaced + 9 multispaced: more modern and legible).
  • From W30 x L30 mm to W60 x L150 mm.
  • 20 fixed formats + 40 programmable formats.
  • 100 logos.
  • Barcodes: EAN-13, GS1 DataBar, EAN-128, Code 128 and QR.*
    • Possibility of printing QR codes with programmable information or G text of the article.
  • 60 fields of information.
  • 100 programmable texts.
  • Manual and automatic pre-packing modes.
  • 3 levels of totals.
  • Printing of “n” identical labels.
  • Printing with 90º, 180º and 270º rotation.
  • Automatic adjustment of the paper detection sensor.
  • Packaging date, expiry date and extra date (for any application).
  • Alphanumeric batch number.
  • 10 types of generic traceability (for meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.) up to 99 products. Included in the prevailing European legislation on bovine traceability.


  • Compliance with EU Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers as of 13 December 2016:
    • Minimum letter size: 1.2 mm.
    • Effect (bold, underlined, or both) for each character in the text.
    • Possibility of using the general text “G” (3,000 characters) for ingredients, in lower case or UPPER CASE to highlight allergens.
    • Possibility of including a table of nutritional facts.
    • Free texts (20 x 24 characters).
    • For direct sale labels: possibility of indicating in the PLU name (with an * or other symbol) those that contain allergens and programming a text, such as “* Consult allergens”.
    • Possibility of printing 2 labels for each operation: programmable by PLU, configurable information, 2nd automatic or manual label (also to be used as promotional labels).


  • TCP/IP Ethernet for interconnection and connection to PC.
  • RS-232, for connection to scanner.
  • USB.
  • Optional:
    • Wi-Fi.


  • Access to different protected programming menus via configurable passwords.


  • Up to 16 scales per section.


  • PC.
  • Barcode scanner (powered by the scale –5 VDC–) to read EAN-13, EAN-128 and Code 128 barcodes. Optional built-in scanner, for double body format.
  • Cash drawer.


PC software:

  • DFS:
    • Programming of scales.
    • Receipt of sales data.
    • Data backup copy.
    • Graphic design of receipts and labels (DLD).
    • Design and management of advertising images for TFT display.
  • Integration tools: in Windows or Linux to facilitate communication with the Back-Office.

Scale firmware:

  • DWS (Dibal Web Server):
    • Allows access to the information on each scale (via passwords) from any computer or mobile device with an Internet browser.


  • Mains: 110 up to 230 VAC.
  • Optional:
    • Anti-blackout rechargeable internal battery 24 V and connector to external battery 24 V.


  • 16.5-90 W (depending on the conditions of use).



  • Full colour screen – 12″ Intuitive Touch Screen design
  • Stores up to 10,000 PLU’s
  • USB port
  • Waste reducing Linerless label capabilities
  • WiFi capabilities
  • Ethernet TCP/IP

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