Digi AW-4600eAT

Fully integrated weigh-wrap-label system with super-stretching technology

Digi AW-5600AT

AW-5600AT is a high-performance automatic weigh-wrap-label system designed for operational comfort and environmental friendliness. Reduces work load with easy and simplified operation, and conserves film and label consumption to achieve lower cost and a smaller environmental footprint.

Digi DPS-5600

DPS-5600 is a high-performance prepack scale printer.

Digi RM-5800

RM-5800 is the price computing scale POS system.

Digi SM-120

Robust and innovative solution, giving dependable performance and offering a range of modern features.

Digi SM-5300

Modern and robust design, giving solid performance and offering a range of innovative productivity and customer focused features.

Digi SM-5500α

Highly capable and globally proven solution, offering a range of leading-edge productivity features.