• Merchandising
    76% of purchase decisions are made at the shelf-edge (POPAI) 60% of Brand (switch) decisions are made at the shelf-edge (MZ) 58% Shoppers state they are buying more on promotion since the start of 2012 (IGD)
  • Printed Customisable Deli Labels
    Print your labels directly on to washable, hygienic, plastic cards

Merchandising – Electronic Shelf Labels

Gain competitive advantage and increase your revenue and profitability with the Electronic Shelf Labels. We are the official partner of Pricer for the UK, offering a variety of proven solutions for a range of markets, such as Grocery, Electronics, Pharmacy and much more.

Utilising unique technology, our animated e-ink displays offer an engaging solution that brings your promotional messaging to life, right at the shelf-edge.



Bright and clear , LCD based, Segmented ESLs providing a robust and cost-efficient solution where active price strategy is the primary goal.Fully graphical, e-paper based HD ESLs, ideal where product and marketing promotion information (QR codes, graphics, branding etc.) is combined with active price strategy.
s SmartTAG S E4 (48x36mm - display 36 x 22 mm)hd-SMALL SmartTAG HD S (48x35mm - display 28 x 28 mm)
M SmartTAG M E4 (70x35mm - display 57 x 22 mm)SmartTAG_HD_M_websml SmartTAG HD M+ (70x35mm - display 48 x 26 mm)
LSmartTAG L E4 (92x42mm - display 77 x 25 mm)SmartTAG_HD_L_websml SmartTAG HD L (92x42mm - display 67 x 29 mm)
MSmartTAG M E4 Freezer (70x35mm - display 57 x 22 mm)DSC_0402 SmartTAG HD 110 (126x92mm - display 89.6 x 67.2 mm)
HD-200-SL-2 SmartTAG HD 200 Slim (128x193mm - display 161 x 97 mm)

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The PRICE AUTOMATION solution lets retailers run dynamic pricing to:

  • Fully automate one of the most challenging in-store functions retailers now face: the weekly price change.
  • Handle the growing need for price flexibility and accuracy at the shelf edge.
  • Respond immediately to encroaching competition.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in specific markets.
  • Centralize the price function.
  • Maximize margins with instant price reactivity.
  • Gain customer trust.
  • Modernize stores and enhance a digital image.

Discover how Carrefour has revolutionised the shopping experience

Effective PROMOTION solutions are vital for retailers so they can give the right economic signals to their customers at the right time:

  • Large color displays to highlight special promotions and publicize changing prices for groups of price-sensitive products such as milk and dairy products.
  • Multi-format color graphic displays to enhance products and promotions.
  • Automated promotions mean retailers can rely more on ad campaign results to measure and develop better programs.
  • Increased customer loyalty by customizing and personalizing offers based on customer profiles and habits (ESLs on targeted one-to-one promotional items flash to alert customers).
  • Improved effectiveness of shelf-talkers in the store (merchandising guidance process: ESLs flash on items that need special tasks so employees know, for instance, when and where to place or remove a shelf-talker, etc.)

Retailers know they have to use automated back-office technologies and move staff to customer-facing operations. At the same time, challenges are mounting in areas like out-of-stock, freshness, planogram and merchandising compliance.

  • Retailers can now rely on new technologies to significantly improve store productivity by simplifying processes and ensuring end-to-end traceability and effective resource management.
  • The integration of digital shelf-edge technology into a complete in-store infrastructure is enabling the very tools retailers are adopting. Pricer has developed software and hardware solutions to enable these core requirements.


  1. The associate downloads an online customer order to a PDA or smartphone as a list of goods. The electronic shelf label (ESL) system has confirmed that the products are available.
  2. The associate is directed to the first and closest item to pick. The optimal route (for picking, merchandising, shelf check) is indicated on the digital map.
  3. As the associate approaches, the item’s ESL starts to flash (distance can be configured). Once the product is picked, the associate checks the item off the list and the ESL stops flashing. The flash is activated and deactivated by the Pricer platform. The associate is then guided to the next closest product on the list and the same process continues until the whole order is fulfilled and ready for shopper collection.

  1. Case Studies

    REWE Kesper + Rode OHG Enhancing Customer Satisfaction
    Partner: Pricer
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    E. LECLERC Saving time and improving productivity
    Partner: Pricer
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    Media Markt – Saturn Omnichannel Retailing with Pricer ESLs
    Partner: Pricer
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    Nebraska Furniture Mart Increasing Price Leadership and Improving Employee Morale
    Partner: Pricer
    Download Case Study




DIGI’s electronic signage solution ia another innovative add on feature on the SM-5600. The e.LABEL and InfoCard electronic displays ensure efficient and accurate price updates as all price changes are updated automatically with each price update on the SM-5600.

Yet another first from DIGI, the sophisticated e.LABEL comes with a built-in Hi-Touch function that can act as a remote preset key. By simply tapping the e.LABEL, the preset key for the corresponding product will appear, as an icon on the scale, eliminating the need to memorize PLU

The waterproof e.LABEL temperature probe can also read and store the product and ambience temperature. The stored data can be easily retrieved from the scale, reducing paperwork and allow retailers to better control product quality


  • Water Resistant (P67 rating)
  • Wireless transmission
  • Easy to install
  • Long-life battery
  • Attractive and high-contrast display
  • Accuracy of product information
  • Price integrity
  • Operates at low temperatures
  • Eco-friendly – low usage on power, ink and paper
  • Easily expandable from current system

Printed Customisable Deli Labels


  • Print your labels directly on to washable, hygienic, plastic cards.
  • More robust and long lasting than laminated signs.
  • Professional effect - make your price signs stand out.
  • Blank white, matt black , slate black or coloured or pre-printed cards.
  • Fast production & flexible printing for new articles and products - print on demand.
  • More room. No need to cramp sign. Easy to display ingredients & allergens - keep up with legislation.




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Case study - Butchers


Case study - Bakers


Reward-it PromoTags

Reward-it PromoTags are made of credit card style plastic. They will easily clip on to your price signs and are an ideal way for you to highlight your offers and promotions. If you want any particular products to stand out, PromoTags are for you. They are sturdy, built to last and will add a touch of class to any display.


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