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Managing Mission-Critical Assets: Common Systems and Their Impact


Process Inefficiencies in Current Systems


Objectives in Designing Future State Automated Systems for Management of Mission-Critical Assets


Calculating the economic benefits or the ROI on a deployment of automated locker systems for managing Mission-Critical Assets is straightforward and uncomplicated. In most instances, the business case is compelling and will compare favorably to alternative corporate investments. Often, the return on deployment of automated locker systems will equal or exceed the very best investment alternatives.

Apex Supply Chain Technologies has developed an automated economic benefits calculator that enables users to enter a few elements of data and then automatically calculate the benefits and ROI a particular user might expect to achieve. The calculator requires just a few quick entries and can be used to develop multiple scenarios for assessment and planning purposes. Following is a link though which the Apex automated economic benefits calculator can be accessed:

Backed by powerful technology

Connect ‘n’ Go™ technology makes it easy. Just provide power, connect to the Internet and you are ready to go. No software to install, and nothing for your IT department to support.

Trajectory Cloud™ software gives you real-time visibility into where your critical assets are. It tracks each action in real time, allowing you to effortlessly manage, recharge and control your most valuable items – from handheld and wireless devices to POS/barcode terminals, radios, laptops, tablets, tools, equipment, instruments and more!

With Trajectory Cloud™ you can manage loan periods, returns, remote shutdown and usage. Our solutions are versatile and make it easy to accommodate items of all different sizes and shapes. Get ready to eliminate waste, stock-outs and out-of-compliance products once and for all. Now that’s peace of mind.