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You’ve already invested serious money, so ensure responsible use of mission critical parts, expensive, calibrated or certified tools, equipment, PPE, instruments, gauges, and hand-held scanners and devices, but all too often, you face critical challenges in tracking and managing these valuable assets, which impacts productivity and profitability.

Solve this problem by adding automated control and placing more accountability on your employees. Our Axcess™ Automated Locker System puts you in control and gives you a competitive edge 24/7.




  • Eliminate manual management of checkout and check-in processes
  • Increase productivity by streamlining distribution processes
  •  Automatically charge and manage your expensive handheld, mobile printers and much more at strategic locations conveniently placed around your facility
  • Reduce replacement costs for misplaced or missing equipment
  • Manage staff compliance, calibration, certification and warranty items with ease

Watch over the flow of items, including usage patterns and trends. You will always know when an asset has been checked out, who checked it out and why, when it’s late and what condition it’s in.

Backed by powerful technology

Connect ‘n’ Go™ technology makes it easy. Just provide power, connect to the Internet and you are ready to go. No software to install, and nothing for your IT department to support.

Trajectory Cloud™ software gives you real-time visibility into where your critical assets are. It tracks each action in real time, allowing you to effortlessly manage, recharge and control your most valuable items – from handheld and wireless devices to POS/barcode terminals, radios, laptops, tablets, tools, equipment, instruments and more!

With Trajectory Cloud™ you can manage loan periods, returns, remote shutdown and usage. Our solutions are versatile and make it easy to accommodate items of all different sizes and shapes. Get ready to eliminate waste, stock-outs and out-of-compliance products once and for all. Now that’s peace of mind.