The 280Sqm Nisa Southminster store has moved to Electronic Shelf Labels to drive digital offers and enhance the customer experience.

Some 3,000 Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels were installed by retail productivity solution provider Herbert, to enable the store owners to make automatic pricing and timed promotional updates as and when required at any time of the day or night. Among the many advantages, ESL cuts the cost of printing labels and offer savings in staff time when distributing and applying updated labels.  They also provide meaningful business metrics, facilitate efficient re-stocking and provide engaging offers and information right at the shelf-edge.

Store owners Richard Cox and Julian Hull commented

“The switch to Electronic Shelf Labelling is part of our on-going commitment to investing in the latest innovative retail productivity solutions”

“Our vision is to create a fully digital store with engaging and timely offers, this is what the customer wants, and this what we are now able to do; everything can be controlled with ease even from our tablets when out of the store”


Herbert is an established provider of leading-edge technology solutions to major organisations in fast moving industries in the UK, and supplied, fitted and project managed the roll-out.

Mark Channen, Head of Marketing at Herbert, said:

“ESL technology facilitates customer retention by dynamically allowing time-of-day promotions, extended added-value point of purchase information such as cost per unit, recipe ideas, QR offer codes, suggestions for accompanying products such as wine, and much more”.

Using proven technology, Electronic Shelf Labels are far more durable than paper, the Pricer labels that Herbert installed at Nisa Southminster operate on batteries that utilise technology for long-life, and are used across a wide temperature range, including freezers. All labels work together on the same system allowing the store owner to mix and match sizes, shapes and styles according to store requirements.