Nisa Local’s 2,200sqft Shrewsbury store will be the first convenience store in the UK to use Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) after 2,000 ESL units were installed by innovative productivity solution provider Herbert Retail.

ESL enables store owners to make automatic pricing and timed promotional updates as and when required at any time of the day or night. Among the many advantages, ESL cuts the cost of printing labels and offer savings in staff time when distributing and applying updated labels. They also provide meaningful business metrics and facilitate efficient re-stocking and aid in-store customer retention.

The switch to Electronic Shelf Labelling is part of Nisa’s on-going commitment to investing in the latest innovative retail productivity solutions. Herbert is an established provider of leading-edge technology solutions to major organisations in fast moving industries in the UK, and supplied, fitted and project managed the roll-out, which utilises world leading Pricer ESL units.

Rav Garcha, Store Owner and Independent Retailer Board Member at the Association of Convenience Stores, said:

A significant amount of UK customers make unplanned in-store purchases. Commonly their decisions are based on price, so the most important thing for stores, is to ensure that pricing is easy to see and compelling, encouraging repeat purchase and customer retention at local stores such as mine. ESL technology facilitates this dynamically, allowing time-of-day promotions, and also facilitates added-value point of purchase information, such as cost per unit, recipe ideas, QR codes, suggestions for accompanying products, such as wine to compliment your meal choice, and much more. As you can imagine this exciting technology adds real business advantage to both me and Nisa, and offers the customer the best possible local deal.

Choosing Herbert Retail to deliver our ESL roll out was an easy decision; they have a huge amount of experience in technology products for the retail sector and are the leading UK Pricer re-seller, which is a world leading supplier of ESL units.

Using technology similar to e-readers, ESL dynamically displays price and product information at the point of purchase.
Raj Sangha, Herbert Retail’s Business Development Manager, said:

Electronic Shelf Labelling offers enormous potential to increase store revenue and profitability. Far more durable than paper, the labels that Herbert installed at Nisa operate on batteries that utilise technology for long-life. All labels work together on the same system allowing Nisa to mix and match sizes, shapes and styles according to different needs in different areas of the store, as and when required.