New Technology Safeguards Work Data on Smart Phones and Tablets
New innovations in mobile device and data management are helping one IT service protect security and confidentiality while bringing new technology to the NHS.

Informatics Merseyside, an NHS shared service providing IT services to local health trusts hosted by Mersey Care NHS Trust, is working with the Herbert Group to roll out Airwatch®, to manage, encrypt and control data on tablets and smart phone devices.

The NHS Trusts which use Informatics Merseyside for their IT services, wanted to introduce new smart phone and tablet technology, enabling executive level staff access to applications on a tablet and smart phone to review, email and access board papers during meetings. The Trusts are also looking to extend use of tablet and smart phone technology to clinicians and staff on wards and in the community, but needed a solution that safeguarded security and confidentiality in the NHS, where data is extremely sensitive.
They also wanted the ability to allow staff to use their own tablet or smart phone on Trust premises while safeguarding security and confidentially. Hebert ’s Airwatch® solution allows Informatics Merseyside to enrol any device as a ‘trust device’ during working hours and lock down personal applications such as social media, cameras and Cloud services and then reinstate them when they complete their shift.

Informatics Merseyside trialled several different solutions before deciding on the Airwatch solution from Herbert’s, based on numerous performance benefits that could be gained for the Trusts.

Stephen Appleton, Clinical Informatics Lead at Informatics Merseyside, said

Herbert’s Airwatch solution fitted our needs. It allows us to securely manage our growing mobile device fleet along with enabling our ‘Bring Your own Device’ strategy. We have a large programme which is mobilising clinical information through mobile app technology known locally as the ‘I’m Mobile’ programme, therefore having a tool like Airwatch to manage any security concerns is vital for our health community

The Airwatch® system also allows organisations to encrypt confidential e-mail on mobile devices and lock the data on the phone so if it is lost or stolen it cannot be read, the device can be locked and data deleted remotely before it can be accessed. In addition, a message can be sent to the device offering a reward for its return.

Mark Channen, Marketing Manager at Herbert, said:

These days no one wants to carry around two mobile phones, one for work and one for personal use, and it can also be very cost effective for the employer to just reimburse staff for work calls rather than provide them with phones. However this comes with a huge number of security issues for business and organisations such as the NHS. Airwatch® mobile device management software will enable staff to use their own phone and tablet for work activities without the worry that sensitive data such as patient-specific emails or files will fall into the wrong hands. We think this is the way forward for mobile devices, particularly in environments such as the NHS where data is hugely sensitive.

Herbert is a UK Partner for Airwatch®, a leading provider of mobile device management systems worldwide, and implemented the system for Informatics Merseyside.