Cambridge, January 2017NCR Corporation has signed an agreement with leading UK retail supply firm Herbert, who provide retailers in the UK with innovative productivity enhancing solutions, with customers including leading Tier 1, Symbol and convenience retailers.

Herbert provides a very large number of businesses across the UK with different types of equipment, covering software, hardware and services across multiple markets, with the aim of helping businesses improve productivity and profitability.

The company has a unique position in the market, having been active for more than 250 years, and in having a nationwide team of service and support engineers. The agreement with Herbert will help NCR to gain market share in the UK for its flexible POS solution, StorePro, which is aimed at individual retailers, symbol stores and convenience store multiples.

With the convenience sector growing year-on-year, and more customers looking for a local in-store shopping experience to match that of an out of town in-store experience, NCR StorePro gives smaller format retailers a POS experience to match the offering of Tier 1 grocery, as well as offering a host of features aiding store efficiency.

“NCR solutions are world class and globally proven, with StorePro having great potential to be successful in the UK market, as it offers a breakthrough in the possibility of offering stores and customers the same POS and customer experience as found with Tier 1 traders, but at an affordable price, and with ease of back-office integration. We are in the fortunate position of offering first class coverage and expertise in retail technology deployment and support, and we look forward to helping customers achieve so much more from their store”

says Mark Channen, Marketing Director at Herbert.