Motion Display Scandinavia AB, Uppsala, has signed an agreement with leading UK Retail supply firm Herbert. The company provides retailers in the UK with innovative productivity improving solutions, with customers including leading Tier 1 and convenience retailers.

Motion Display has developed thin and energy efficient animated displays, with a well-documented effect on sales and the consumer’s choice of product. Utilising e-ink technology, the display’s message, size, colour and shape is adjusted to the individual needs of the retailer.

With an extensive heritage in retail, Herbert provides a very large number of businesses across the UK with different types of equipment, covering software, hardware and services, with the aim of helping retailers improve productivity and profitability. The company has a unique position in the market, having been active for more than 250 years, and in having a nationwide team of service and support engineers. The agreement with Herbert will help Motion Display in gaining a foothold in the UK market through the major retail chains, and will offer the market a new and unique product.

Motion’s solution is designed to increase product awareness and sales up-lift, by enhancing the shelf-edge with eye-catching animated promotional messages, on the lines that a retailer wishes to promote. Being battery operated, and easily redeployed, promotional messages can be moved around the store, as and when required; the retailer quickly and simply replaces the overlay graphic to suit different lines, and chooses one of the built-in animation routines via a hidden selector interface.

The displays from Motion Display have great potential to be successful in the UK market and we are very pleased to have signed an agreement to represent Motion Display in the retail sector. Motion’s product represents a breakthrough in the possibility to increase sales of selected lines, and helps customers find the exact products that they are looking for

says Mark Channen , Head of Marketing at Herbert.

Also commenting on the agreement, Anna Engholm, CEO of Motion Display comments “Our first international breakthrough. We are very happy to have such a strong partner to represent us in the UK. Herbert has first class coverage of the UK Retail market“.