The small intelligent barcode scanners, produced by USA-based KoamTac, enables users to scan product’s labels and automatically upload that information to a business to business site when plugged into the store’s PC.
The scanner, which is certified for Apple and Blackberry connection, is durable, can be used single handed and has been programmed to display the scanned barcode number and allow the user to enter re-order quantities simply and quickly using the up and down buttons.

Musgrave Retail Partners will issue the bar code scanners to 1,000 of its Londis franchisees starting this month and in time all of its 2,000 franchises should receive one. The scanner will enable franchises to reorder stock in just a few simple steps and moves away from a paper based ordering system.

Franchisees will be able to use the barcode scanners to scan the label of any item they need to order. They can then enter how many they require, plug the device into their laptop and the information is automatically added to the franchisees order page for them. Error free, easy to use and quick, Musgrave Retail Partners has offered it free of charge to Londis franchisees.