Retail software

We are fortunate enough to have a team of highly experienced in-house developers and third-party partners, with many years of experience in developing software solutions for retail. We truly understand the dynamics of the retail world, at the store level, customer fulfilment level, and on the supply chain side.

As a technology business, we also offer a range of hardware solutions, such as handheld computers, and also machinery such as scales and food wrappers,  which our software perfectly layers on as a complete software-enabled solution for your needs. Explore the overview information below, but naturally, software is a consultative process, so give us a call or fill out the form below and we’ll arrange a time to listen to your requirements.


Invatron ‘Periscope’ and ‘E-Plum’ solutions are deployed collectively in over 20,000 supermarket stores worldwide, actively supporting the in-store execution of Fresh operations. Periscope and E-plum help customers to achieve and maintain a leadership position in their fresh food offering by providing data integrity and decision support tools needed to enhance sales, reduce shrink and inventories, and improve overall margins.  Working with Invatron, we help customers achieve success in terms of waste reduction, customer retention and profit growth in the highly competitive grocery market.


Our Track-and-Trace software App is simple to use and easy to deploy, works on Android or iOS, and is quickly deployed using cloud technology. This solution is ideal for replicating the manual processes of tracking, tracing, and monitoring anything from PPE equipment, stock, or perhaps picked products used in the fulfilment of Click-and-Collect orders. Don’t forget that we also offer Click-and-Collect lockers click here to explore. Our Track-and-Trace software App can be used on a variety of devices, and of course, we offer a range of Datalogic and Honeywell handhelds that we can put our software on.


Quick and easy to use, we offer a solution that enables you to digitise and automate common retail tasks, from the shop floor, to the warehouse and even in the final mile of customer fulfilment. Such tasks might be allocating cleaning tasks, store stocking tasks, compliance tasks and checks and more.


Easy-to-use, competitively-priced, food temperature compliance is now a reality. Our innovative software App will run on any iOS or Android device, enabling you to monitor, record and report on the temperature of foods that may be in hold, in the chiller cabinet, fish cabinet, meat cabinet or even the bakery area. Our software comes with a food grade Bluetooth probe, and can be layered on a multitude of mobile handhelds that we offer from Datalogic and Honeywell, or just on your own mobile phones, giving you a complete solution out of the box.

If you would like to discuss any of our software packages displayed above please click below and one of our representatives will call you back.