Restricted item dispensing

Let’s face it, we all want a speedy shopping experience, and who wants to go to a kiosk for restricted items? Nobody. Our Vensafe solution from Strongpoint offers a responsible and secure way of selling restricted items without having the physical products at each checkout. This enables you to sell items such as razor blades, printer cartridges, tobacco and other restricted items from all checkouts (including self-checkouts). Now your customers can include it in their regular shopping, and collect from a secure dispenser with the simple scan of their barcode. No double queuing at a kiosk, and restricted items are kept safe and secure from any theft.

The solution is compliant with market regulations and the products are hidden at all time and can only be accessed after verifying the customer’s age and that the products are fully paid for. Also, the electronic price list is displayed according to regulations. Secure, efficient and responsible sales are now a reality with Vensafe.


Vensafe revolutionises the customer journey and store throughput – not to mention labour saving by eliminating the tobacco kiosk. Give us a call and we will talk through the options. Our experienced team is here to help from project scoping to the physical installation of Vensafe.