Electronic Shelf Labels – Enhancing your shelf edges

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) ensure that your stores offer a retail experience that is more engaging, rewarding, personalised and profitable. With ESL you have the ability to change price and promotion information on any label, any shelf and any store in a matter of seconds, ensuring that offers are current and relevant.

On-line information will matches store level information, and the customer truly engages at the shelf edge with added value detail such as nutrients, QR codes for reviews and videos so much more.

Our Electronic Shelf Labels powered by SoluM are high quality, colour, come in a variety of screen colour options, and in a multitude of sizes to suit every possible situation – even freezers.

Utilising unique technology, our animated e-ink displays offer an engaging solution that brings your promotional messaging to life, right at the shelf-edge. There are hundreds of thousands in operation all over the world, all delivering an engaging store experience, and contributing to the bottom-line.

For more information on ESL’s please feel free to fill in the a quote using the quotation tool. Or if you wish to speak to someone with regards to ESL’s, we are more than happy to accommodate this, call us on 01440 711400.



Electronic Shelf Label – Case Studies

  1. The Whisky Exchange

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  2. Sayers Common Community Shop

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  3. Best-One Middlesborough

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