Click & collect


Click and Collect Lockers

Retail is changing, different buying groups engage with your brand in different ways, but you still want them to have a great experience, right?

Strongpoint click & collect lockers give customers more flexibility, enabling them to collect items from the store. Either inside the four walls or outside for speedy frictionless collection in or out of store hours.

The final mile is expensive. Lockers are an ideal alternative option to home delivery, merging seamlessly with your e-commerce platform giving full control and analytics.

Customers complete their online shop as normal. But, lockers allow them to pick up whenever is convenient to do so. Moreover, lockers can be operated 24/7 unmanned, therefore minimising direct physical contact with others, which is important in times like these, but still enabling store and brand engagement for a great experience. 


 There are five simple steps to this solution.

  1. Customer places order via e-commerce page, selects the‘ Click and Collection’ option and a time slot
  1. Staff will pick and pack the customers items from the store, then places inside the locker compartments
  1. Customer will receive a notification on their phone with a pin to enter the locker.
  1. Customer arrives at locker and enters the PIN-code. This unlocks their compartments to pick up order.
  1. The locker resets ready for further use on the software platform, and of course, all the order analytics are completed

Strongpoint Click and Collect Lockers

Strongpoint lockers allow items to be stored, controlled, and temperature compliant with safe regulations. Temperatures can be adjusted to your needs. Also, compartments can be divided into Ambient, Chilled, and Frozen, and can be mixed and matched to suit. 

Software controls all functions and can be integrated into the ERP and logistics systems. The software notifies staff in case of temperature changes, open doors, and other incidents that could compromise the quality of the groceries. It features central monitoring and is connected to a support centre if assistance is needed.

If you wish to receive a quote please use the button below. Or if you wish to speak to someone with regards to lockers and any future projects that you are considering, we are more than happy to accommodate this, call us on 01440 711400.