Self-service checkouts

Self-Service Checkouts

Our self-service checkouts by Pan Oston are very user-friendly and match customer expectations for on-demand service seamlessly. Customers are becoming more focused on shopping at the moment and only buying what they need at that specific time. As a result of this, the number of items in the average supermarket shopping has declined and customers visit supermarkets more frequently. Consumers will visit a store/shop to shop for what they need and want to complete their purchase independently and quickly. Our Self-Service solutions deliver this by ensuring a smooth and intuitive customer flow is maintained which keeps the long queues associated with traditional checkouts to a minimum. 

Self-Service Checkouts can offer a convenient shopping journey at a Petrol Forecourt or a convenience stores. Consumers shopping at these types of stores has increased in the last decade. Modern petrol forecourts and convenience stores now offer a wide range of breakfast, grab-and-go, and fresh food. Supporting this service-orientated change, digital self-service can provide a new way to pick up, buy and pay for products, making both convenience stores and petrol forecourts future-proof.

Self-Service Solutions