Checkouts, Kiosks and Counters

How do you deliver an excellent and seamless shopping experience for customers? By choosing the right checkout systems and checkout furniture. Great checkout solutions help your customers to easily pay for their shopping and generates a positive shopping experience for them. Whilst your employees benefit from a comfortable and ergonomic workplace that helps them to increase their productivity.

The checkout counters and in-store checkouts will need to bring your business, store and brand experience together seamlessly. Whether you are a supermarket, retailer, garden centre or DIY store we can help you choose the right solution for your business needs. 

Herbert partner in the UK with Pan Oston to supply and support your checkout zone. We supply in-store checkouts, self-service checkouts and self-service kiosks. All our furniture is agnostic to hardware/software and can be easily installed using the plug & play functionality.

Our Solutions