Using discreet shelf-edge vision hardware and clever AI software, retailers can achieve several things from Trax:

  • Know exactly how customers are interacting with products, and make informed decisions about them and their placement at all times of the year

  • Manage out of stocks to avoid lost sales opportunities, quickly mobilising staff to fix the situation

  • Manage shelf gaps so as to add new lines or promotional items

  • Make sure that pricing and promotions are correct and displayed well on the shelf

  • Monitor product position performance, and make informed decisions on placement based on real-world engagement analytics

Trax is a break-through computer vision platform, which helps you understand how your products look, perform and compete on the shelf.

The clever AI software gives retailers a real-time view of shelf and store activity. Retailers can quickly see what is happening in every aisle, and quickly mobilise staff to respond to low or out of stock situations, promotional problems, or misplaced items.

Out of stocks and poor promotions cost retailers millions of pounds in lost sales, but with Trax this situation is avoided, and customers are kept happily engaging with your brand and the products that you offer, giving them a great customer experience to ensure that they don’t buy elsewhere.

When it comes to project scoping, installation and support of Trax, Herbert Retail is the go to partner to ensure that everything is covered.