Tiliter Scan&go

Tiliter offers an end-to-end product identification solution in supermarkets. Improve your productivity, reduce fraud and shrinkage, and offer your customers a seamless checkout experience, with no frustrating lookup menus.

  • Organic Detection – Tiliter’s scales can differentiate between organic and non-organic products
  • Fraud Prevention – Scan&Go and Print&Go Scales prevent incorrect product selection to mitigate fraud
  • Bag Detection – Our scales can detect plastic bags and capture amount of plastic used
  • Continuous Learning – Our technology keeps on learning, meaning performance gets better and better
  • Flexible – Works without constant internet connection
  • Data Privacy – We don’t collect or store any data in-store

An all-in-one scale that automatically weighs and identifies your products. The product recognition software presents a barcode that encodes your store’s specific item information that you can use with existing scan and go mobile applications.