Greggs and Herbert work together in one of the largest rolloutsof Chip & Pin technology in the UK

High Street bakers Greggs, working with partners Herbert, have completed one of the largest chip and pin technology roll outs in the UK. The company employed Herbert, an expert in retail innovation and mobile managed services, to configure and install chip and pin terminals in all Greggs shops in the UK.

The efficient payment system enables Greggs to serve more customers during peak times and provides customers with an alternative payment to cash. The project consisted of installing 3500 chip and pin terminals, providing new network cabling and configuring the terminals in over 1,400 Greggs shops nationwide.

After an initial trial of the chip and pin system in 100 Greggs shops, there was a clear demand from customers wanting to pay for food on their card. Customers are now able to pay for transactions on a credit or debit card with many stores also fitted with contactless readers.

Suffolk-based Herbert worked closely with Greggs to ensure minimum disruption to shops and a fast turnaround time. Installations took place out of working hours and skilled engineers worked to ensure terminals were compatible with the existing point of sale system.

Greggs Programme Manager said:

Herbert were highly recommended to us, with their excellent reputation in service delivery and ‘no nonsense’ approach to business. They worked around the clock to support us and ensured we were able to continue with our day to day business. For our customers, it means no longer having to shuffle around in pockets to find change.

Mick Wall, Herbert’s Retail Client Director, said Herbert’s were extremely proud of our work with Greggs and it reflects their strong heritage of supporting the UK’s most successful retailers which include Tesco, Sainsbury , M+S and Morrisons.

He said:

In today’s competitive retail environment, speed, efficiency and minimal disruption to customers are key to success for projects like this and it’s great to see a leading national retailer expanding but ensuring their customers are at the forefront of that growth.