Finance options

Our Flexible Leasing Options – Designed to support the way that you work. We offer a wide range of financing options to help you quickly acquire the equipment, software and support solutions needed to keep your business at the forefront of the market.

You can use our flexible leasing options for:

Hardware Solutions

Software Solutions

Maintenance, Service and Support Packages

Installation, configuration and training requirements

Key benefits of using our flexible leasing options:

100% finance – no deposit

No deposit is necessary and, in most cases, all of the costs of a solution can be covered in your payments, including all hardware, software, installation and maintenance.

Fixed Payments - for budgeting

Payments are fixed for the term of the lease, protecting you from changing interest rates. Knowing the amount of future payments enables more accurate budgeting and cash flow projections, and as payments are fixed, the true cost of leasing diminishes over time as the value of money depreciates.

Easy Payments - for all pockets

Payments can be made on a monthly, quarterly, stepped or on a deferred basis. They can be set to suit your budget, roll-out schedules and/or flow requirements. We aim to create a payment system that is tailored to suit your needs.

Totally Flexible - one easy package

Training, software, hardware, maintenance and much more, can easily be built in to one flexible and easy to manage package; just for you. We aim to deliver a package tailored to your exact requirements.

Tax Benefits – an attractive proposition

If you pay corporation tax, leasing can be a very attractive proposition. This is because payments may be deducted from taxable profits and so the net cost of leasing the equipment is much reduced.

Conserve Cash – stay flexible

Leasing enables you to enquire the solution you need, without making a substantial lump sum cash payment. This then leaves your cash for use elsewhere in your business such as R&D, new staffing or new business ventures etc.

Self-Securing - keep your credit lines

When you lease equipment, your existing credit lines, such as any arrangements with your bank for example, remain intact. This gives you the additional flexibility to use these arrangements in the future, should you need to.