Innovative productivity solution provider Herbert, is pleased to announce a new partner agreement with @hand, a global leader in field-force-centric mobile software.

Herbert is an established provider of leading-edge technology solutions to major organisations in fast moving industries in the UK, with vast experience in specifying, deploying and managing enterprise productivity solutions, from national Chip and Pin and hand-held mobility device rollouts, to retail management software deployment and service/support. The partnership with @Hand allows both companies to address the growing needs of UK enterprises, particularly within retail, warehousing and logistics, local authority and utility markets, where issues such as maximising workforce activity to enhance the customer experience and effective resource planning for business efficiency, can all be addressed and enhanced utilising a combined hardware and software platform.

Herbert’s Head of Marketing, Mark Channen, said “@hand provides an open and flexible framework approach to mobile asset, inventory and field workforce management. Working seamlessly within enterprise environments, the @hand solution integrates with ease, and can be delivered on the mobile device hardware platforms that we offer, so as to add real value to the entire organisation, in terms of both hardware and software for maximising workforce productivity.”

Founded in 1998, @hand has a long history of providing field mobility solutions for a variety of leading commercial enterprises and government organisations, delivered with @hand’s integrated software platform. @hand offers a wealth of knowledge in the application of mobile software technology to the diverse needs of customers, spanning a variety of industries and mobile work processes.

Jason Lanier, Vice President of Products at @hand, commented: “Our mission is to develop world-class enterprise mobility software and to deliver successful solutions that leverage @hand’s unique mix of technology, innovation, and expertise. This ethos, culture and level of expertise is shared with Herbert, and together we provide an ideal partnership to align with UK market demands – Herbert applications powered by @hand technology.”

@hand and Herbert will deliver unique mobility solutions that integrate mobile and field-based processes into the information technology ecosystem, unleashing a new value layer for the enterprise.