CashGuard, the leading developer of cash management solutions for the retail industry, introduces Presidio – a fully contained and sealed cash management solution that provides the best defense against both internal and external theft in the retail industry.

Presidio is the safest and most intelligent closed cash handling solution on the market. It enhances the cash payment experience for retail customers while enabling retailers to save time, money and enhance their business performance. Since Presidio is a fully closed solution, from the point of sale to the banking pick-up, the cash is never exposed. This makes both external and internal theft virtually impossible. Retail customers can fully trust that correct change is given every time, which improves their shopping experience.

Presidio counts, tracks and reports cash levels in real time, giving retailers complete control of their cash flow. Since the money is counted automatically, no expensive overtime is needed to count the money at close of business. Everything is already counted, tracked and reported.

Cash remains the preferred choice for many people,” says Roine Gabrielsson, CashGuard CEO. “It represents 70 per cent of all point of sale transactions, and we see that the amount of cash in circulation increases in many markets. In addition, cash is far more economical to administer for retailers than other forms of payment. So cash is here to stay, because customers want it, and retailers benefit from it.

Five building blocks together make up Presidio
Coin Recyclers: CashGuard offers several coin recycler models to fit retailers’ needs. They all automatically count and track the coins and transfer the information the back office. CashGuard Coin Recyclers are durable, compact and ensure correct change at every transaction.
Note Recyclers: CashGuard has a note Recycler for any retailer’s needs. They all track levels for all denominations and ensure correct change every time. As with all CashGuard products, the Note Recyclers are tamper-proof.
Note Mover M1: enables closed collection and transfer of notes from note recyclers to the back office.
Note Deposit R2: This intelligent safe automatically counts and verifies the cash, transmitting cash level information to the manager in real time. No manual counting of cash is required. This saves employee hours and increases security. Note Deposit R2 has the highest security certifications for retail cash handling.
Store Manager Software: This is the central hub for the Presidio solution. It lets retailers streamline store operations, save on employee hours and stay in control of cash handling.

CashGuard puts retailers’ needs first
• CashGuard solutions are designed to fit into existing store designs and take up less space than other solutions.
• All CashGuard customers get 24-hour customer support.
• Presidio has the highest applicable security rating for retail cash handling solutions.
• CashGuard is the only cash management solution that can pay out coins and notes at the same time.

CashGuard – securing your bottom line
CashGuard specialises in cash management solutions for the retail industry. The company was founded in 1991, and has since then grown into a market leader for cash management in the retail field. CashGuard’s mission is to create a world class point of sale experience for customers, while offering retailers the best solutions for preventing shrinkage, tracking cash flow and optimising business performance. More than five million retail customers in more than 20 countries use CashGuard and there are close to 20 000 solutions operating in Europe. CashGuard is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and is a wholly owned subsidiary of PSI Group.